About Us

As a charter school, MITCH relies on encouragement from parents, guardians, and family members.  The PSO is an inclusive group that supports the educational programs and extra-curricular activities of MITCH Charter School. Our efforts focus on the following:

  • Fundraising: Funds raised support our school, teachers and students. The PSO board sets a budget each year and approves requests from the Director and Staff by majority vote.  A small portion of our budget is used to pay for accounting, office, and insurance fees.
  • Volunteering: The PSO encourages active and positive engagement in our students’ education. Parent volunteers are vital to daily classroom operations; typically, classroom parents  coordinate these volunteer needs. Volunteers are also necessary for school-wide operations, such as car line, lunch/recess duty and special events, such as our MITCH Marathon.
  • Community Building: MITCH has a small student population, but a strong sense of community. The PSO sponsors events that further the sense of community among MITCH families. We will publicize these events on our calendar.



The PSO meets on the second Wednesday of the month, September-June at 6:30pm. Meetings take place in the cafeteria. All parents and guardians are welcome to attend.  Agendas are sent by email prior to each meeting, and are posted along with the minutes under Meeting Documents.

PSO Leadership Team for 2019-2020

President – Christina Devlin
To contact, please email christina.devlin@gmail.com

Vice-President – MaryEllen Rasmussen
To contact, please email haileymama1@gmail.com

Secretary – Anna Wildish
To contact, please email mitchcharterpso@gmail.com

Treasurer – Becky Hampson
To contact, please email BeckyMHampson@gmail.com

Member-At-Large – Kat Anderson

Member-At-Large – Helene Cuomo

Member-At-Large – Alicia Ernest

Member-At-Large – Suzie Guzman

Member-At-Large – Amanda Jones

Member-At-Large – Melissa Kean

Member-At-Large – Amber MacLean

Member-At-Large – Aubrey McCauley

Member-At-Large – Daava Mills Chavez

Member-At-Large – James Woll